Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christmas Tue. December 25 - Gifts

eThe Giftse

Caleb looking pleased with all of his gifts

Phoebe and all of her gifts! Wow!
She was able to get some books for her new mandolin.
She was SO excited and is using those resources to play beautiful music. We are all enjoying her talent.

Joel with his many gifts!

Joel is wearing one of his gifts. Can you guess what it is? Leave a comment and we'll see if you're right. :)

Looking handsome

Mom & Dad's many gifts

Johanna with all of her beautiful gifts, including a doll!

Dear Jaden with all his great gifts!

Me and my wonderful gifts.
Here I am with all the wonderful gifts I received,
including the blue bracelet and the sports watch on my wrists.

Jaden presents...

Jaden gave each member of the family, all seven of us, $1. Here he is giving his gift to me. I was 'elected' to have my photo taken with Jaden as he distributed his thoughtful gifts. This was his first year to really give anything to anybody else. He's either been to little to understand, or hasn't had the money. :) We give our gifts in order of age, youngest to oldest. We open all of them, one by one. It's really quite fun to do it that way, because everybody gets a chance to see what you got, instead of having lots of wrapping paper flying and chaos.

Can you tell we love to read!? I think that all of us received at least 1 book apiece. Some of us received several. Johanna got a big surprise: Caleb, Phoebe & I went together to purchase the rest of the Castleberry's Farm Mystery Series and ordered it. She had been wanting to get it but had not the money. So, I was able to do all of the ordering and emailing behind her back, and then on Christmas morning, she opened that box and was really excited! Can you guess what she's been doing the last several weeks? By the way, if you'd like information on how to order this great, wholesome series for your family, check out their website.


Mr. A said...

Viewing your latest pictures. How neat, great and thoughtful for and of each one of you.
May God continue to Bless each one of you.
I have another prayer request. One of my former staff members' son was in a 4-wheel accident. The son is partially paralyzed. He is at the Jim Thorpe Rehab. Hospital in OKC. Please put him on your Prayer List. Thanks
Your Friend in Christ.
MR. A.

The Kautts said...

Dear Mr. A,

Thanks for the comment and prayer request. We'll certainly add your friends son to our Prayer List.

Take care and we hope to see you again sometime.

The Kautt Family