Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Sorry this is a day late, and a dollar short as the saying goes. We've really been bad about blogging lately. It seems like we always have something to do, and then the day slips by...

Yesterday was a very l-o-n-g day for Phoebe & I as we got up around 6am to start the various preparations for meals, etc. It was also a very blessed day, full of surprises (wink, wink, Mom!), blessings and laughter. Thank God Mom is still with us to enjoy and share the day of Christ.

We had Scottish scones for breakfast, along with some rice & a clementine (similar to a tangerine), along with honey, molasses and peanut butter for 'toppings'. Needless to say, both giant pans were scarfed up in a heart beat. Phoebe is such a great baker. :)

I'll have to leave it at that for now, but we have sooooo much more to write about in the next few days. Hopefully we can post pictures we took... especially of the big surprise we gave Mom!

Keep your *eyes* peeled.

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