Monday, October 8, 2007

To the reading of books... there is no end!

The other day, I was reflecting on how many books I've read since I first learned to read (8yrs.), and the number is gigantic! I try to read 6-8 books every month, but usually more end up being read... enjoyed.

Saturday while at my favorite shopping haunt, I purchased 5 books. Several are way out of print, but I know they will be helpful, and enjoyable to read. I also purchased Elizabeth Prentiss' Selections from Stepping Heavenward which is a very encouraging little booklet. If you've ever read the book in its entirety (350 pages), then this is a little sliver from it, but nonetheless it was such a treasure for me! Books are like old friends, when you find a book that you've been searching for, and sit down to read, such a feeling of contentment comes over you.

By the way, if you want to purchase your own copy of Stepping Heavenward go here to order. I highly recommend that all young ladies read this book. It is both an encouragement, and a challenge to grow in our walk with Christ, and to have a passion for serving Him and His people.

Out of all the book that I have ever read, here are some which stick out in my mind as having influenced my life, and were the most enjoyable read. These are all after the Bible, which is the greatest of books ever written!

~My Favorite Books~
So Much More - Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin
Evolution Exposed - Roger Patterson
Lies Women Believe - Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Adam & His kin - Ruth Beechick
A Full Quiver - Rick & Jan Hess
Let us Highly Resolve - David & Shirley Quine
Raising Maidens of Virtue - Stacy MacDonald
Stepping Heavenward - Elizabeth Prentiss
The Elsie Series - Martha Finley
Amos Fortune, Freeman - Elizabeth Yates
Johnny Tremain - Esther Forbes
Ten P's in a Pod - Arnold Pent III
Jim Elliot – Susan Martins Miller
The Measure of a Heart – Janette Oke

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