Monday, October 22, 2007

Guess who?

This evening Joel (21) and Phoebe (12) were in our kitchen cooking supper, and I (Johanna age 9 1/2) was in our living room doing laundry, and we were talking about tomorrow morning- afternoon, when we are going on a fossil dig. I (Johanna) said to Joel and Phoebe: "I wonder if our friends the Speeds will be at the fossil dig." To this Phoebe replied, jokingly: "When we pull up tomorrow morning, we'll see the Speeds next to us." And right when she said this I (Johanna) saw a car pulling up in front of our house (we don't have company very often), and I didn't see the car well enough to know who it was, but when I squatted down I realised it was our good friend: Mr. Amos! I ran through the house and said: "Mr. Amos is here! Mr. Amos is here!" I said it first to Joel, Phoebe, Caleb (15), last I said it to: Abby (17) & Mama. Abby was very surprised. Caleb and Jaden (almost 5) went to our front door to greet Mr. Amos. He stayed for supper and afterwards we all laughed, chatted and simply had a good time. When Mr. Amos was going down our road, we (Caleb, Phoebe (12), Jaden (almost 5) and myself raced him (Mr. Amos). It was very cold. Thank you Mr. Amos for surprising us:) You are a BIG blessing from God to us.

Also... A big Happy Birthday to you our dear friend!

Johanna R.

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