Monday, September 3, 2007

Our weekend

Since Daddy is a pastor here, our weekends can be very hectic! This weekend Caleb (15) & Phoebe (12) stayed at home with Mom; so that left Joel (21), Abigail (17), Johanna (9) & Jaden (4) to go with Dad. Thankfully we live within 5-15 minutes of our church building (depends on traffic, how many red lights, etc.) so the drive is easy. Dad has been preaching on Sin, and this past Sunday started a new series of sermons on Loving God with all our heart, (the greatest commandment). After service, we cleaned up and then headed home to eat lunch with the rest of the family. Phoebe had it already started out on the grill (i.e. out door kitchen), and so that was a blessing. We enjoyed a very nice, quiet afternoon, Dad even read! Wow! He doesn't have much time for "recreation", so it was great to see him just sitting, relaxing. We watched the first part of a Moody Science dvd, about the Planet Earth. Very interesting, and great filming. The rest of the afternoon was spent in either taking naps, reading, playing kick-ball, or relaxing. It was so nice to have a afternoon with pretty much nothing happening! :) On Friday & Saturday the ladies (minus Mom), cleaned the house, we polished light switches, wiped down cabinents, dusted the many rooms of the house, cleaned the bathrooms, cleaned Mom & Dad's room, vacuumed, and cleaned the blinds. On Saturday I trimmed Dad's hair, and did some other clean-up, laundry and Sunday preparations. I got up at 6:15 on Sat. morning and didn't turn out the light until 11:30 that night! I was so tired, but thankfully I had accomplished so much! Phoebe & myself (Abby) have started making breakfast as well as the other meals, and so we have (for the last 2 wks.) been getting up anywhere from 6:25-7:00. Joel is also going to be starting a new job mid-week this week, and has to be at the job site by 7:30, so we'll have to get up at 5:00! I love getting up early, since I am aiming to be a Proverbs 31 women, this is exciting to me (the late bird). "She rises while it is yet night, and provides food for her household..." So you can see a little of what we do each weekend.


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