Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Farewell to Dr. D. James Kennedy

We were saddened, (and yet as Christians rejoice) to hear about the passing of Dr. James Kennedy this morning (2:15 A.M. EST). Our family loved to listen to him on Sunday morning's and also lately, (due to the fact that Mom's been ill). We have enjoyed watching his Truth's that Transform on TBN Sunday mornings. I ran over to Answers in Genesis' web-site to see if they had written a piece on this event, and was not disappointed. I suggest that you take a look at this tribute, and the pictures. He was a great warrior in the culture war, and will be greatly missed! We thank the Lord for his legacy, and the ministries he leaves behind.

Please keep Dr. Kennedy's wife (Anne) and daughter Jennifer in your prayers.

Here's the link over to AiG's tribute to Dr. Kennedy.

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