Thursday, October 29, 2009

Evolution: Trick or Treat?

Our creation conference starts TOMORROW and ends on the 1st of November. So, please remember to come and join us for the five sessions this weekend. Click here for more information. Don't forget to bring all your friends and family!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Get Service

This is a great film. Though it may not have much talking in it and is short, it carries a great message! It will make you cry.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

'Evolution: Trick or Treat?' Conference

~ Why Genesis is True, and Evolution is a Hoax ~

Cartoon illistration by Caleb Kautt. Copy right 2009.
Please go and check out Creation Evangelism Tools Ministries' website, and find out about a creation conference that they are sponsoring later this month. Dr. John Morris, of the Institute for Creation Research, will be one of the live speakers. Dr. Jobe Martin, of Biblical Discipleship Ministries, will also be speaking. All of the dates, times, speakers & topics are on CET Ministries' website.

If you live in the McKinney, Texas area we would love to see you there! Also, please invite your friends & family to attend.

Thank you!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Preparations for the Conference - Part 1

In preparation for the conference we have been doing some remodling work at our church. Things like painting walls, placing old light switch & electrical outlet covers, painting ceiling, etc. Here are some photos from our latest project at the church. In this project we painted the ceiling and walls in the hallways & men's bathroom, replaced a doorframe, and replaced the old lightswitch and electrical outlet covers. Quite a project, I must say! But we got it done over the course of 2 days.

Caleb & I taking down the old trim, before we do the real work of replacing the door frame.

Abby painting the floorboards (she did a really good job!) the old, rotting piece out (yeah!)

All of the tools needed to do the job properly

Jaden even had a chance to use his hammering skills. :) He did a fantastic job!

Caleb doing the neck-stiffening job of painting the ceiling :)

Johanna also had the 'privilage' of straining her neck ;)

The new door frame

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

busy, Busy, BUSY!

Okay, seeing that I haven't posted anything since August 24th (wow!), I think I should post something! :) We have been SO busy lately, with things such as:

- Remodeling at our church building (painting, replacing door frame, etc.) Preparing for our church's 59th Anniversary and Homecomming, and our second creation conference, "Evolution: Trick or Treat?".
- Designing and sending out our 3rd edition of CET Ministries' bi-monthly email newsletter
- Cleaning house and having company over.
- Keeping the house straight, the laundry done and the meals on the table while Joel, Abby & Caleb were gone to Colorado (they're back now).
- Church activities
- Doing fix-it projects at our home (pulling up carpet, paint, etc.)

That is just a short list of the many things we've done to keep busy! Sorry, but I don't have time right now to post pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to soon.

Colorful Colorado

The beautiful Aspens we were surrounded with every day of our visit. These were some Joel photographed on our Thursday hike.

Red mountain in early morning light.

Wagon Wheel Gap, outside of Creede Co. This is a spectactular place where on, Friday we took our afternoon meal.

Headwaters of the Rio Grande, on our return trip the Aspens had turned an even more glorious shade of gold!

More to come... :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A post..... finally!

I am so sorry that we haven't posted on here in a LONG while. We have been REALLY busy, and blogging isn't on the top of our long list of things to do.

I think that you will enjoy these photos (from Abby's blog) of Joel, Abby and Caleb's Colorado trip with Mom's parents and brother.